Sunday, July 12, 2009

Breaking Up With Your First Love ...

Well last night, me and Bubblebutt broke up for real this time. I've never felt that way about anyone before, which is why it hurt so bad when it happened. I mean, the way things were going it seemed like it was going to happen -- but I didnt want to admit it. The good thing about the whole thing was that there was no hard feelings, it was mutual I guess. Bubblebutt is an amazing person, and I'm glad we spent a good portion of our lives together. We had good times and bad, I'll always remember the good times and the bad made us stronger. We definately learned from eachother so our relationship wasnt just another fling. I can definately say it's going to be hard to find someone (if there is anyone) who i'll love as much as I loved Bubblebutt. It's sad to say but the Bubblebutt + Jonjon door ... is closed.

iwaly <3

Over & Out!
--Jonathan =T

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