Sunday, July 5, 2009

How Was Your 4th Of July ?

Yesterday I had the time of my life for someone who is supposed to be on punishment ( lol ) One of the best 4th of July's I ever had. I went to Yonkers with my little Cousin Sebastien (who is NOT little) and my Aunt Marie (who is really just my mom's best friend lol). We went to a cookout, it was an African cookout though (lol) I was expecting one of those southern family cookouts, but boy was I surprised. We had fun though, I learned how to barbeque and I played basketball (never again lol) One downside of the cookout was the kids. Oh man those kids ... the little girl Janet insisted on touching my face after rolling around in dirt and shit. Like c'mon little girl, GTFO! Of course i didn't say it. The people were really nice and I bonded with my cousin (lol)
After the cookout, we headed back to manhattan so I could wash up cause I was feeling nasty (lol) and we decided to go to the movies to see Transformers & boy was it GREAT! It was explode-y and funny at times too. Megan Fox never looked so sexy fighting crime and kickin Deceptacon booty. She makes me want to a motorcycle (lol) So it was about 11:30 so me and Seb walked home but he was being a pussy and walking fast since we were on 125th street at night (lol) But he got over it once we hit 137th (smh) then as we went down to Riverside, we almost got blew up by a firecracker and all the spanish people were lookin at us like we were crazy for walking there.
Overall I had a lot of fun, can't wait till next 4th of July!

Over & Out!
--Jonathan (:

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