Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back to Basics

Well, this introduction is for those of you who dont already know me and how my mind works.

So my name is Jonathan, I have many alias's -- Jonjon, Sammy, Yossam (i dont think anyone calls me that anymore though) It's up to you - call me what you want. I stand 5feet 11inches tall, some consider me a behemoth but I dont think I'm that tall. I'm rather slim (so I've been told) but I don't think I'm that skinny either ( lol ) I think I'm NORMAL. But hey, everyone has their opinions. I have a small circle of Best Friends that I can't live without and then I have good friends that I know I won't be talking to 4years from now. Soon to be Senior ( Class of 2010! ) in a BUM ASS highschool (I'll blog about it's bummyness soon). I'm fashionable, I try my best to dress rather spiffy (: No one likes a bummy looking dude ! I don't know what else I can say about myself. You'll just have to get to know me through what I write. Oh and feel free to agree or disagree I LOVE ARGUING ( lol )

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