Monday, June 29, 2009

Senior Year !

I can't believe it, I'm officially a senior in Highschool ! Gotta get ready for graduation, prom, senior week and all the other perks of being a senior. I must say, as much as I badmouth my school -- Im gonna miss it -- the teachers and students. I'll miss the pointless fights and arguments. I don't like drama when it involves me, but if I'm on the outside looking in, IT'S GREAT! (what? it's good television lol) I'll miss the characters of FDA (my school) like "Corny Fat Boy" ( lol ) I'm excited to begin my senior year with all new teachers and a brand new attitude. Im a little scared though. The entire college process confuses/scares me. I'm afraid of being rejected and stuff, i dont know -- Im ready but scared out of my mind !

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