Monday, June 22, 2009

One of Those Weird Dreams ...

Have you ever had one of those weird dreams that dont make any sense? I always wonder how psychologist figure out what they mean. Well, last night i had the strangest dream. It was in 2 parts: A wedding and a bathtub ( lol )
So here it goes...
Pt.1 -- I dream that I'm at the wedding of my old french teacher Ms.Rahali but it wasnt at a church or in a backyard, it was on the 140th and riverside sidewalk. So Ms.Rahali is acting like a bridezilla and cursing at her bridesmaids, but then the phone rings soo I wake up to talk on the phone...

Pt.2 --I go back to sleep and here I am in my bathtub with Bubblebutt (that's my boo lol ), it wasnt anything sexual because we were both wearing clothes. So we're just chillin in the tub talkin and laughing until Bubblebutt goes to the kitchen and starts fixin a plate of my grandma's food. Next thing I know my Granny is talkin to Bubblebutt in Creole (Yes, I'm Haitian) but it wasnt making any sense. So I Say "Nous pas comprendre ou" which means "We don't understand you" Me & Bubblebutt head to the living room where I see my mom and she says "what you guys up to ?" so I say "looking for someplace to chill" and she says "why dont you go chill in my room ?" I say "really?" But Bubblebutt didnt want to go cuz Bubblebutt was still eating -- then i woke up .

Now, I have no idea what hell this dream means ! ( lol ) I don't see the symbolism or any of those other terms and stuff. If you can analyze this dream and tell me what it means, LET ME KNOW lol.
Over & Out !
-- Jonathan (:

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    wat kinda stupid ass dream is tht.. i absolutely LOVE it = )