Monday, June 22, 2009

That Four Letter Word: LOVE

I feel like I had to write about Love at some point in my blogging career, so why not now. Love, hmmmm ... love love love love -- what can I say about it? It's definately scary, I must say. You're basically giving your all to one other person hoping the other person gives their all to you. Love is still feeling butterflies in your stomach no matter how long you and the other person have been together. Love to me is when every kiss feels like the first time. Love doesn't mean having sex but just the touch of the other person is enough to make you melt. Love means wanting to the best for the other person. When the other person is your first thought in the morning and your last one at night you're in love. Love is missing the other person even after a 3 hour phone conversation. Love is having memories that you constantly rewind in your mind. Love is when you can't shuttup to your friends about the person even though they've heard the story a thousand times. Love is playfighting and making fun of eachother. Love is playing love songs while saying "*sigh* I love him/her" Love is when the other person looks you in the eye and says "I Love You." Love is two people sharing one heart ...

Over & Out !

--Jonathan (:


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