Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jonjon's Pet Peeves

( This picture is so funny to me lol )

I know everyone has those things that just gets on your last nerve ! Frustrates the shizit out of you ! Of course, some more than others. People don't seem to get the hint, that the things they do are REALLY annoying. So, I'm dedicating a blog to the things the really urk me.

1. Sending me a text, then sending me another one while I'm in the middle of replying to the first one -- thus, forcing me to delete what I'm writing and read the new text. I get sooooo frustrated when people do that, I'm ready to throw my phone at the wall !

2. Asking me to go to different room after I JUST left that same room. For example, asking me to go to the kitchen after I JUST left the kitchen. Like, why did you realize you needed something from that room after I already left? (ahem! Mama Jon )

3. ONE WORD REPLIES when having a serious conversation. "Ohh Okk" is also a one word reply even though its technically 2 words -- Like I'de rather you not even text/IM me back if your just gonna say "Ohh Okk". (Of course this does not include when I'm asking you to do something, then OOh Okk would be an alright reply)

4. When guys cry ( lol ) It doesnt annoy me but, I just hate seeing it.

5. When people complain all the time -- no one likes a nagger. Don't complain about it if your not gonna do somethin about it ... & nagging is NOT doing something about it.

6. When people judge. If your opinion was not asked for, dont share it ... REALLY, DONT !

7. I hate when people send too many IMs at once on AIM. I feel like saying "Cool It MOTHAFUCKKA I'm not going anywhere -- just hold your damn thoughts !"

8. Speaking of AIM, I hate when people with Sidekicks keep their Long Ass Away Messages up and its keeps popping up after I send an IM. If you're not AWAY, take the friggin Away Message down !

. . . .

There are probably other things that frustrate me, but I forgot em for now ( lol ) Stay Tuned !

Over & Out !
-- Jonathan (:

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    I think we have been around each other too long cause i HATE basically all those things tooo !!!