Saturday, June 20, 2009

Findin Me Some Flow

We ALL know Summer = flow season ! The suns out so the clothes come OFF ( in the bedroom and on the streets ). Its time for the youth of America to engage in some rather PG13 conduct if you catch my drift ( lol ) For many it's also time to date around but theses days we call it "findin me some flow". Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with New York lingo, the Meaning of a "Flow" is basically a one-night stand for several nights ... and afternoons ( lol ) There are 3 rules a Flow must follow & they are as follows *ahem!

1. NO getting emotionally attached! --Ladies & Germs, when you sense your flow wants to be "more" it's definately time to cut em loose! (unless you're really feeling this person of course)

2. NO getting offended when your Flow-er (not FLOWER lol) talk about other guys/girls -- you are NOT offcial so you do you and they'll do them ... & other people ( lol )

3. BE prepared to be UN-Flowed or DE-Flowed because there's no gurantee that when your Flow-er is ready to be tied down, they want to be tied down with you.

Now, Im no expert at Flows, but i know a flow when I see a flow. So for all you flows who are flowing wrong ... STOP lol

Over & Out !
--Jonathan (:

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